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All visits are by appointment only. Please call us to schedule both routine and urgent appointments. We schedule appointments Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4:40PM. We reserve time each day for sick patients that need to be seen on the same day.


Office Hours


We are open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4:40PM. The office is closed daily from noon to 1:40PM. 


After Hours


Our office voicemail has instructions for contacting our answering service for emergencies after hours. Dr. Tsung or Dr. Virmani (or occasionally, another covering physician) will be on call. If it is a life-threatening emergency dial 911 or go immediately to the Emergency Room at the closest hospital.




If you require hospitalization, you will be admitted to Stanford University Hospital. Current Stanford policy dictates that the Stanford Hospital physicians will be assuming primary responsibility for your treatment in the hospital.  Your regular doctor (Dr. Virmani or Dr. Tsung) may see you in the hospital as a consultant at your request. 


Prescription Refills


Please have your pharmacy call or fax our office for refills. Please allow 72 hours to authorize the refill and plan ahead accordingly. If you are unable to refill directly with the pharmacy, please call us with the name of the medication, the strength, the dosage, and your pharmacy's name and phone number.




If possible, we would like you to request a copy of your previous clinic or physician's records to be sent to our office if you are new to this office. Usually, the last three years of records should suffice. We can always request earlier records if needed. In the forms section of this web page, there is a consent form that you may send to your previous clinic or physician. If you need a copy of our records to be sent to another physician, we require a written request to copy your chart and at least 14 days notice. There is a copying fee (depending on amount copied) that will be collected prior to releasing the records.


General Payment Policy


In seeking medical care from one of our physicians, you obligate yourself to compensate that physician for services rendered and are financially responsible regardless of insurance. Since we would like to focus on the care of our patients and not on the business of medicine, we do not have contracts with any insurance companies. We have opted out of the Medicare program so cannot bill the Medicare program.  We are considered "out-of-network providers" for our PPO patients. All our patients pay at the time of service. We do not charge a monthly fee like concierge physician offices.  We prefer checks but will accept credit cards (VISA & MasterCard only) and cash. Medicare patients cannot submit claims to Medicare but may try to send a claim to secondary insurances that are not Medigap  (Medicare secondary) plans. Patients with PPO insurance will receive a copy of our bill which you need to submit to your insurance if you wish to receive possible reimbursement. Please be sure to check your health insurance policy carefully regarding "out of network" physicians. 


Missed Appointments


The office may elect to charge the full fee of the visit if you cancel a physical without 1 week notice or cancel a follow up appointment without 48 hours notice unless there is an unavoidable emergency.  Please call us early to reschedule your visits in order to avoid a charge for your missed visit.


Returned Checks


The fee for a returned check is $50.00 in addition to the original amount of the check.



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