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If you donít have online access, you can call 650-498-9000


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Should I ďMix and MatchĒ my COVID booster vaccine?


The NIH study released October, 2021 about Mix and Match COVID Vaccine Boosters was meant to see if there was an acceptable side effect profile and whether there was increased laboratory measured immunity after boosters.It was not meant to compare the different combinations in regards to efficacy nor was there any information about actual COVID disease outcomes.The study was relatively small with only 458 patients.

The study showed that the side effects with mix and match boosters was about the same as with the initial COVID shots.It showed that the patients who received a single dose Johnson and Johnson had higher antibody levels after receiving either a Pfizer or Moderna as a booster.Their conclusion is that Johnson and Johnson patients should receive either a Pfizer or Moderna booster.

For patients that initially received Pfizer or Moderna, boosting with either the same or different mRNA vaccine gave you approximately the same increase of antibodies.There is no information in the study that clearly tells us whether to boost with the same mRNA vaccine or a different mRNA vaccine.

Additionally, the study was performed with the full dose Moderna booster and not the half dose Moderna booster that will be administered as a booster.††† We do not currently have a good mix and match study with half dose Moderna booster.

In conclusion, Johnson and Johnson patients should get a mRNA booster.We would not recommend getting a Johnson and Johnson booster vaccine since there have been rare blood clots including some deaths.†† We also do not recommend getting Johnson and Johnson as a first dose.

For Moderna or Pfizer patients, we cannot really recommend either for or against mixing with a different mRNA vaccine.We cannot tell you whether getting a half dose Moderna booster after a Pfizer series will be better for you especially since the study did not include half dose Moderna.The Mix and Match study does seem to show that there are no increased side effects from switching to a different booster and the laboratory measurements of immunity seem similar with mixing mRNA vaccines.†† Hopefully, future studies will give us more information.


UPDATE:In an article published March 29, 2022, it appears there is benefit to mixing the mRNA vaccines:


Did our office members get their COVID vaccinations?

Yes, we have all been fully vaccinated and boosted!


Should I get COVID boosters?

We do recommend that our patients stay up to date with their vaccine per the CDC recommendations.


Should I get the Influenza (flu) shot at the same time as the COVID booster?

The CDC states that you can get both at the same time but this is a guess not based on real world data/studies.We recommend that, if possible, there should be 2 weeks in between the flu shot and the COVID shot.If you think you will not be able to do this then get both shots at the same time in different arms.


Will I have side effects from the vaccine?

Thus far, the side effects have been all the expected ones such as soreness, redness, fever, chills, headache.There have been rare anaphylactic reactions, (severe allergic reactions) mostly in people who have had severe allergies to other things in the past (approximately 1% versus .1% with the flu vaccine).2nd doses are generally associated with fewer symptoms.See how many vaccines have been given: side effects from Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have not been numerous despite this many vaccines given.†† For Johnson and Johnson, see below for side effects.††


What about Myocarditis and Pericarditis Following mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination (Pfizer, Moderna)


Should I take anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen, Advil) or Tylenol (Acetaminophen) before I get the vaccine?

Noóthere is some data that anti-inflammatories may affect the way the vaccine works and give you less immunity so do not take either of these types of medications.Itís unclear if Acetaminophen is a problem.After the vaccine, if you need to take something, take Tylenol (Acetaminophen) only and as little as possible.


After I get the COVID vaccine how can I report any side effects?

Register for V-safe!You can report any side effect this way and the information will be compiled.


What if I lost my vaccination card?

Your vaccination card is not the only existing record of your vaccinations. All vaccine administrators in the state report each vaccination to the California Immunization Registry where you can log in to see an official record of your immunizations. Please visit their website here:

*Please note that this process requires you to verify your identity by uploading a copy of a photo ID, and then creating an account. The State offers support:

● via email through, and

● via phone at 800-578-7889


How do I get a digital record (QR code) of my COVID vaccine?


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