Preparing for an in office, in-person appointment:


At least One to two days before visit:

·        Call us with updates to addresses, phone numbers, insurances

·        Call us with credit card info to keep check-in/out contactless


Day before visit and on day of visit

·        Review the Pre-visit Screening Questionnaire below: (no need to print the form out, please just review carefully)


If you answer yes to any of the questions, do NOT come to the office.  Call us to discuss first.

In the last 21 days have you or a member of your household had any of the following:


1.      Contact with or potential exposure to a COVID-19/corona virus patient:

 ___Yes         ___No    


2.     Any travel (International or Domestic):

 ___Yes      ___No    If yes, where and when ____________________?


3.     Fever:   ___Yes              ___No


4.     Chills:         ___Yes                 ___No


5.     Sore throat/HA/runny nose/sneeze:     ___Yes                 ___No

(common symptoms in vaccinated breakthrough cases)


6.     Body aches: ___Yes                 ___No


7.     Rash including on toes:   ___Yes       ___No


8.     Loss of smell or taste:      ___Yes       ___No  


9.      Cough:  ___Yes             ___No


10.  Shortness of breath:  ___Yes   ___No    


11. Diarrhea:  ___Yes ___NO                


12.  Nausea or vomiting:  ___Yes   ___No


13. Abdominal pain:  ___Yes         ___No



Day of visit:


Before you leave the house:

·        Use restroom before leaving the house to minimize contact with other patients in our office 


·        Do a rapid at home COVID test


·        Bring your cell phone


·        Bring your face mask – wear your most protective mask.  N95 without a valve if you have one, otherwise a surgical earloop mask.  If you only have a cloth mask, a N95 with a valve or a KN95 mask, we will give you a surgical mask to put on top of your mask.  We recommend that you keep the mask we give you for later use. 


Upon arrival outside in front of office

·        Call us from your car so that we know you are here.  We are not having patients use our waiting room in order to avoid infecting others.


·        Do not bring anyone else to appointment.  Driver/family must wait outside unless needed for physical assistance. 


·        If we do not answer the phone, please wave at our front desk window and wait outside.  The door will be locked in order to regulate entry.  Our staff will call you on the phone to tell you what to do.  You may sit on the chair outside if needed. 


Entering our office

·        Face masks/coverings are required in the office at all times


·        We will ask you to use hand sanitizer in entry way.  No need to wear gloves in the office. 


·        Please do not stop to talk to our front desk staff.  If there are things to be discussed, please call them from your phone after you leave the office.  We all love chatting with you but simply cannot do that safely during the COVID pandemic.


·        Stay at least 6 feet away from any people—staff and other patients


·        You will be escorted to the exam room. 


During your appointment:

·        Please keep your facemask on.  We will let you know if we need you to remove it temporarily.  Please put facemask back on immediately.


·        If there are things that need to be discussed, we will talk on the phone afterwards and not in person.     


After your appointment

·        You will be handed any prepared labs slips, xray slips, etc.


·        Payments will be contactless and will be handled using the credit card information that you have already given us. While we normally prefer checks, we are only using credit cards during COVID.  


·        Any needed insurance forms will be mailed to you.