Updated Saturday December 3, 2022

We have been open throughout the entire pandemic with precautions.  We are doing mostly telemedicine (phone or video per patient’s preference) and have been seeing patients in the office for examinations if needed after the telemedicine visit.  Frankly, talking in an exam room with PPE and an air filter running is difficult for both the patient and the doctor so the televisit is a much more pleasant way of communication.   We have not changed how we are doing things with the ups and downs of case counts because COVID keeps changing and to change protocols every few months doesn’t make sense. 

Note:  The CDC has not changed its guidance on how medical facilities should see patients.  Please remember, we have to accommodate vaccinated, unvaccinated, sick, immunocompromised and healthy patients in our office while keeping everyone separated.  The vaccines are very good but aren’t perfect so we still have to be careful in close prolonged contact, small indoor areas.  There is still risk of exposure to other patients and to us. 


What type of appointment will I have? 

All appointments will start with a telemedicine appointment.  Patients may select either a phone or video visit.  Even if the reason for the visit will require an in-person examination, it will still start with a telemedicine appointment.  We need to minimize the in-office exposure time to keep patients and staff safe.  We need more time to space out patients, filter the air/ventilate, and clean after each patient. 

·        Follow up appointments and new medical issues: always start with telemedicine visit first.  An in-person visit for an examination will follow if needed. 

·        Annual physical/review of medical issues:  there are 2 options: 

·                     Patients can choose to have only a telemedicine visit (phone or video) with no examination and we can discuss if we feel you need to come to the office later. 

·                     Patients can choose a “2 part” physical.  The 2 part physical is a telemedicine visit followed by an exam either one right after another or a later date/time.  If the exam is to be done immediately after the telemedicine part the doctor will talk to you in the car first then you will come in to the office for the exam. 

·        Sick patient visits: scheduled as a telemedicine visit followed by exam if needed. 

·        Injection visits: will be done outside in a chair by our front door.


Instructions for video telemedicine visits:

To join the visit from your smart phone:




To join the visit using your computer:



FAQ’s about the Doximity program that we use for video telemedicine visits: